15 Jan

Metal Prints for your Photos

Did you know we do photo restoration and printing?

metalblogpicOne of my favorite looks are photos printed on metal. It can be hard at times to decide what looks best for your home. There are so many options: paper printed with a beautiful matting and framing job, canvas, or different textures and finishes. Metal printing is new and my (Sierra’s) personal favorite!! It goes with a modern look and is sleek and shiny.

With your photos you are able to intensely saturate them and they look amazing. You can choose from all shapes, sizes, glossy or matte. You don’t even have to come in to our shop to get this done. You can just send your photo to us. However, if you would like to see what you can do with your photographs or portraits then come by and visit us. They even look great in black and white.

8 Jan

Custom Framing – Don’t Settle for Less

Here are 3 tips for picking the perfect custom framing job that’s just right in your home.

Bring your home to us – what I mean by this is that we are custom color consultants but every home is different. If you can bring us pictures of your home or sample colors that can help us choose the perfect framing for us. For example, some homes have cool colors or warm or maybe one might be more modern or more traditional.

The size does matter – sometimes mats or frames that are too small can box in the picture. However, going too big can overwhelm the space in your home. The trick is finding the perfect balance.

Good framing should last – NEVER allow framing that is not archival on your cherished art or precious memories! Certain mats from non-professional and non-archival framing places (ahem… like the big box craft stores…) have toxic acids in the mats and foam board that eat away your art over time. They also don’t use reversible mounting and then, there is the issue with glass to! Make sure you request conservation glass as well or your picture will fade with one summer sunshine through the window.


If you have a framing job come and see us for a no charge consultation. We also travel to Sacramento, Tahoe, Auburn locations or you or you can ship your work to us.

5 Jan

6 Creative Things to Frame that are Not Just Artwork



Mirrors – dress up any room with a colorful frame around a mirror.  Also, mirrors make your room look bigger and more open.

Old Money – a great way to remember a vacation.

Maps – both old and new, make a great addition to your home.

Book Prints – find antique prints from books in thrift stores or antique stores and frame them.

Treasured Family Recipes – a wonderful way to memorialize family recipes.

Greeting Cards – remember your favorite cards given to you by putting them into a frame.

Need framing? Call us or come by!

9 Dec

Welcome to the Louvre

IMG_0788Thank you for checking out our blog!  Stop by again soon.  We’re working on fun and interesting facts about framing and art just for you!

Framing is a work of heart.

~The Louvre